About Us

Bagsbucks was established on the belief that it provides valuable information about bags. We deliver our readers the best possible information. Our website is devoted to giving truthful information on all things bags with various designs, wearing styles, practicality, and color schemes. 

At Bagsbucks, we provide you with up-to-date information about various types of bags. We differentiate bags depending on their style, fashion, practical use, and durability. A wide variety of bags in the world are classified depending on their usage and desired features. We have information on every kind of bag for people in every profession.

Who We Are?

Meet the Bagsbucks team: Asher Ali, Abdullah Faraz, Ikram Ali, and Muhammad Asad—innovators and experts dedicated to revolutionizing the bag industry with their unique skills and passion.

Picture of Asher Ali

Asher Ali

Asher Ali, co-founder of Bagsbucks, is deeply passionate about bags, a fervor that led him to establish Trendxparc, a retail outlet showcasing an extensive assortment of bags. His expertise spans a diverse range, including messenger bags, duffle bags, fanny packs, hobo bags, clutches, camera bags, and laptop bags. Driven by a mission to share his knowledge and experience globally, Asher aims to be a leading voice in the bag industry, offering insights and guidance to enthusiasts worldwide.

Picture of Abdullah Faraz

Abdullah Faraz

Abdullah Faraz holds the esteemed positions of CEO, Editor, and SEO expert at Bagsbucks. With a diverse writing background spanning multiple niches and responsibilities across various sites, he ensures that all content is meticulously edited, error-free, and user-friendly. Abdullah’s strategic role extends to optimizing search engine visibility, ensuring that the wealth of knowledge shared on Bagsbucks reaches a broad audience. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in designing the layout and functionality of the Bagsbucks website, further solidifying his integral contribution to the brand’s success.

Picture of Ikram Ali

Ikram Ali

Ikram Ali is an Off-Page SEO expert with four years of experience in enhancing search engine visibility through strategic efforts. At Bagsbucks, his primary responsibility is crafting guest posts to secure high-quality backlinks, crucial for improving site ranking. Additionally, Ikram is highly active on Pinterest, where he leads a growing community of bag enthusiasts, leveraging his expertise to engage and expand the audience in this niche. His contributions are vital to strengthening the online presence of Bagsbucks.

Picture of Asad Maqsood

Asad Maqsood

Asad Maqsood, who holds an M.Phil in Chemistry, plays a crucial role at Bagsbucks, ensuring the reliability of facts and the accuracy of information presented in the content. His academic background equips him with the analytical skills necessary to scrutinize details meticulously. In addition to his role as a fact-checker, Muhammad is also a prolific writer, crafting high-quality blog posts that enrich the platform with insightful and well-researched information. His dual contributions significantly enhance the educational value and credibility of Bagsbucks.

Our Community

Join the Bagsbucks community and keep yourself engaged with other people to remain ahead of time. With every information you share, the community is devoted to discussing and solving all your concerns regarding bags. Debates regarding the best bag for hiking, the difference between sling bags and backpacks, or information on all kinds of bags, all this information is at your disposal in our community.

Our Values

Empowering others to select the bags for themselves without giving any false information is our main priority. The selection of the right bag is essential in keeping your day fresh and alive. We are committed to give all the important information on different kinds of bags and how we can differentiate among various types of bags. 

Bagsbucks is fueled with innovative, high-quality information regarding various kinds of bags present in the market. Join us to explore the world of bags and experience the power of knowledge at your fingertips. 

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