What is A Staff Golf Bag: A Comprehensive Guide

What is A Staff Golf Bag

Every game or sport has a kit while Golf has a lot of expensive equipment, such as balls, clubs, ball markers, tees, golf bags, towels, club head covers, ball marker repair tools, and other aids that are included in its kit.

There are many types of golf bags. Without a golf bag, handling all the equipment is very difficult. So, it comes to the top of the list of things that are needed when anyone wants to start golf.

Here is a type of golf bag known as a Staff golf bag, which is used by most of professional players. And being a golfer or staff member of a golfer, one must have detailed information about the staff golf bag.

The golfer must know all the following things about the staff golf bag. So Read keenly.

What is A Staff Golf Bag? 

The staff golf bag is simply a bag used by golfers to transfer their goods during the game. It comes in a special shape, which is actually designed to carry equipment. It has different sections or pockets for carrying different items respectively. 

It is called the staff bag, as one of the staff members of the golf player usually carries it. These are for those people who want to have golf for more than just a hobby. Due to their durability and reliability, these bags are the longest-lasting equipment for a golfer.

The staff golf bag is good for carrying all the golf equipment, especially in tournaments.

Mini Staff Golf Bag

It is the same as the staff golf bag but in a smaller size. These are actually used for tour purposes and are made to carry on carts. These are also called smaller golf bags. 

Staff Golf Bag’s Material

There are a number of sections in a staff golf bag. Some parts are made to make it stiff, while others are to make it elastic and stretchable. So, different materials are used to make a staff bag.

When you are going to buy a staff bag, you must know about the things which make your bag. Which materials make your bag long-lasting? Which materials make your bag look better? 

Therefore, consider the following things while buying a staff golf bag.

  1. Nylon makes your bag lightweight and easy to carry. As your bag carries a lot of equipment, lightweight bags will be the best for the least stress on your back. 
  2. Canvas staff golf bags are very helpful while moving around the golf course. These bags can stand via extendable legs to avoid excessive strain on your back.
  3. Leather makes your bag more durable and expensive. So try to buy bags that are made of leather as it makes them weather resistant. These are actually used by professionals who tour various places. Leather staff golf bags are of larger size.
  4. Metal or plastic reinforcements are used as the frames in golf bags. If you want lighter, as most people want, then prefer a plastic framework.

The metal framework makes your bag solid and secure from breakages. This framework makes your bag more durable as these bags can withstand more rigorous conditions.

Features Of the Staff Golf Bag

mini staff golf bag

Staff golf bags have specific features that differentiate them from other bags. The following are the features of a staff golf bag:

  • Size Of The Staff Golf Bag

The most prominent feature of a staff golf bag is its size. Staff golf bags are always of large size. As one of the staff members of the golf player is carrying it, it must carry all the necessary items that the player may need during the game. 

  • Height = almost 36 inches
  • Width = almost 9 inches
  • Depth = almost 13 inches
  • Sections 

There are separate sections for keeping the sets of clubs separate, tidy, and organized. There is padding to cushion a maximum of 14 clubs separately.

Along with these sections, you must see pockets and compartments. Yes, it depends on the accessories you want to put and pick on the golf course. 

However, a staff golf bag must have more pockets and compartments to accommodate the gloves and towels, along with balls, clubs, tees, and other accessories.

  • Built-in Cooler

New staff golf bags come with built-in coolers for drinks. So if you can spend some extra money, you can buy these sorts of bags. These are also called cooler pockets. 

  • Weight Of Staff Golf Bag

Staff bags are heavy bags due to the stuffing of all the equipment. Even an empty staff bag can weigh about 10 to 15 pounds.

  • Other Attributes

Other attributes present in the staff golf bag include the integrated umbrella sleeves, lower assist handles, tripod stand-out legs, and a balanced base.

Which Things Make Staff Golf Bags Better Than Other Bags? 

Staff golf bags are the most used bags by both the newbies and the veterans in this game. Why do they prefer these bags over others? There are several reasons behind this. 

These bags are spacious and carry all the things that they need in every situation. Secondly, these bags can withstand all weather conditions. Lastly, staff golf bags give a professional impression.

Everyone likes to have the same things as their favorite celebrity. This is one of them. 

Staff Golf Bag VS Golf Bag

staff golf bag vs golf bag

The staff golf bag and the cart golf bag or golf bag are the bags used during the golf.

 But these have different functionalities. As the name of staff golf tells, it is carried by the staff member.

While the cart golf bag is carried by the cart. The staff golf bag is larger than the golf bag in size, has more space and gives the impression of professional players. In addition, a staff golf bag is heavier than a cart golf bag. 


When choosing a bag, consider your needs and preferences. After all the above discussion, we can call a staff golf bag an ideal bag for the golfers. It will fulfill all the needs of a player.

One more thing to consider is that even staff golf bags come in different sizes. So, choose the proper size according to your accessories1


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