How to Clean Lululemon Belt Bag (Easy Methods and Care Guide)

How to Clean Lululemon Belt Bag

As the Lululemon bags are so convenient, you can use them during different events. In everyday life, people are using them for a wide range of purposes. They are using them during traveling, playing different outdoor games, and even at parties and formal events.

So, there is a high probability that they will get dirty. Water moisture in the air and dust can make stains on them.

These bags are made of synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester. Therefore, it is a little tricky to wash and clean them. Most people ruin their bags by using the wrong methods of cleaning them.

So, you should use the proper method to clean your Lululemon belt bag1.

Cleaning Lululemon Belt Bag With Hands

Lululemon Belt Bag care

Cleaning Lululemon belt bags by hand is also called spot cleaning. It’s a simple and easy method. You just need detergent and a microfiber. To make it easier for you, I will explain this method step by step.

Step 1. Read the Care Label on the Bag

Carefully read the instructions mentioned on the care label of the Lululemon bag. Some bag manufacturers clearly mention that these bags must not be washed in the washing machine. So try to clean it by hand. And if there are some other instructions or precautions, make sure to follow them. 

Step 2. Make a Mixture of Warm Water and Detergent

Firstly, take a soft and fabric softener-free detergent. Then, take a bowl of warm water. Make a mixture of detergent and water and let it dissolve completely.

Step 3. Take a Microfiber to Clean the Spots

Use a soft and dry microfiber cloth to clean the dirt spots from the bag’s inside and outside. Now, dip another dry cloth in the mixture of detergent and rub gently on the spots. Let me tell you that first, try it on any hidden area to see if the detergent causes discoloration. If it’s not harmful, then try your best to clean stains from your bag.

Step 4. Remove the Detergent With Lukewarm Water And Another Cloth

Use another cloth, dip it in lukewarm water, and rub it on the bag to wipe off detergent from your bag. Then, use a towel to rinse and dab until the detergent is gone.

Step 5. Dry Up your Bag

Now, try to dry your bag as soon as possible. You can lay it flat in the air to dry. You can also use two dry clothes to soak up the extra water from the bag.

Step 6. Examine the Bag 

Now, check your bag keenly to examine the stains. If they are no longer there, then it’s great. But if they are still there, then you can repeat the process or use the machine cleaning method explained in the next paragraph. 


It is recommended to clean Lululemon belt bags with hands. Water, soap, and a soft cloth are required to wash them properly. Use effective but soft detergents. Gently rub the cloth on the bags. Let it dry for a while, and the process is completed.

Cleaning Lululemon Belt Bags with a Machine

Lululemon Belt Bag uses

Removing stains out of a Lululemon belt bag is a delicate process. Cleaning through the machine is considered against the precautionary measures. But people use gentle cycles and are pleased with the results.

Be very careful while doing so. When you are unable to remove stains by hand, you can use this machine’s cleaning method. So here are the steps to follow. 

Step 1. Read the Instructions From the Care Label Of the Bag

Again, you have to read the instructions you need to follow while cleaning your bag. Machine cleaning is mostly discouraged as it can destroy the fabric of your bag. But when no other option is left, then you have to do so.

Still, you have to use safety measures such as using thick mesh laundry bags. Secondly, some towels should be used to cushion them from striking hard.

 Step 2. Put the Belt Inside the Empty Bag

To protect all the loose parts like the belt, put them inside the pouch and zip it up. Also, make sure the bag is empty other than its own parts.

Step 3. Put the Mesh Bag in the Washing Machine

While doing so, keep the following things in mind;

  • Use a thick mesh garment bag
  • Use cold water
  • Set the machine at the gentle wash
  • Use a gentle detergent 
  • No fabric softener
  • No harsh products like bleach or alcohol 

 Step 4. Use a Small Load During Washing. 

While washing the Lululemon belt bag, keep the load of your machine small. Use the same color clothes to prevent dye bleeding. Don’t use abrasive clothes while washing the bags, as they can cause minor breakage. So, prefer to wash it alone or use some towels to cushion it. 

 Step 5. Keep Your Bag on the Towel

After you have washed the bag, lay it on the dry towel. Don’t use the dryer for this one. Instead, use the towel to stop the water from flowing from the bag. Or let the bag dry by itself in the air. 

Step 6. Check the Bag After It is Dry

After your bag is dried, examine it to see whether all the spots on it have been cleaned or not. If stains are still there, you can repeat the process.


It is ideal to use a thick mesh laundry bag to wash the Lululemon belt bags in washing machines. Machine wash the bags using cold water and lay them dry properly. Avoid using harsh chemicals like alcohol and bleaches.


Lululemon Belt Bag Care Guide

It gives a very bad impression when you wear an old bag. And bags look old when you wash them again and again. Prolong the time between cleanings to keep your bag new. How can you prolong cleanings? Simply follow the below-mentioned precautionary measures.

Things to do

  • Always read the care label content keenly and follow these instructions 
  • Machine wash with cold water and hand wash with warm water
  • Wash bright colors alone 
  • Keep your bag flat to dry
  • Always put loose parts in the pouch and close the zip

Things to avoid

As Lululemon belt bags are delicate and vulnerable. So avoid following things while removing stains from a Lululemon belt bag. 

  • Avoid using warm water in the washing machine 
  • Never use harsh materials such as bleach or alcohol-based products 
  • Never stuff the washing machine while cleaning fanny bags
  • Don’t use a dryer for drying these belt bags
  • Avoid washing cotton products along with the Lululemon belt bag


Lululemon recommends spot-cleaning the bags manually using a soft cloth, soap, and warm water. Machine washing is not recommended. In this scenario, use cold water during a gentle cycle, lay it dry, and it will look like new again.

What Are the Uses of Lululemon Bags in Everyday Life?

Lululemon bags are very stylish and cool to use in everyday life. People are using it not only to keep their things in it but also for style. Actually, it is one of the latest trends that everyone follows, from film stars to the common man. Some of the uses that I personally like the most are the following. 

  • Athletes use this bag to keep their things. 
  • The bag is small, so it is easy to handle 
  • These  bags hold every essential thing like glasses, water bottles, keys, wallet, phone, earphones, etc
  • This is compatible with every outfit and everywhere, whether you are hiking, riding, skiing, etc.
  • As there are a number of ways of wearing Lululemon bags, choose the most comfortable one for you.
  • The best thing about these bags is their variety of colors and shapes, which are decided according to the outfits and the type of event or occasion you are going to2.


The comprehensive size of Lululemon belt bags allows them to store mobile phones, wallets, keys, cash, makeup items, etc. Various styles and color patterns blend them well with any outfit.


Summarizing all the above discussion, we can say that due to the delicacy of the bag, we must be very conscious about the bag. We should try to avoid washing or prolonging cleanings. For this purpose, don’t expose your bag to dirt and moisture. 

But if for any reason it got stains or dirt, there is nothing to worry about. Just follow the above-mentioned methods step by step. And you will see the results.

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