How To Wear a Belt Bag [Latest Styles]

How to Wear a Belt Bag

Most people don’t like to carry things in their hands. But in this modern era, many accessories must be kept along. So belt bags are there to carry these accessories for you.

These bags are very crucial, especially for women. Various styles of belt bags are available in the market. In the belt bags, women mostly like chain belt bags, which are more elegant than others.

Actually, Fanny bags are converted into belt bags by making them smarter. These bags have a long strap or chain that moves across your body. So, there are different ways to wear a belt bag.

Wearing Around the Waist

One of the most common ways of wearing the belt bag is around the waist. It keeps your bag obvious. And every item is easily accessible.

Sometimes, the bag’s belt is used in place of the pants’ belt. These bags can be paired with loose outfits and trousers. These bags will make you prominent when you are wearing minimal outfits.

You can simply fasten the belt of the bag around the waist. Then, adjust the length of the strap according to convenience.

Wearing the Belt Bag Across the Body

This style has been the most famous for many years. In this style, the belt crosses around the body diagonally. The pouch of the belt bag can rest on the back or front of your body. This style keeps your bag more prominent.

This way of wearing is mostly used in casual and formal outfits. And yes, you can keep the bag’s pouch on the chest and on your back according to your ease.

People keep it on the front for security reasons to keep their mobile phones safe from pickpockets. It’s difficult to unzip from the front for stealing any accessories.

But when you don’t want to make any resistance or obstructions during your movement, keep the pouch at the back. And adjust the strap a little tight.

Wearing Over the Shoulders

When you are in a hurry, you can wear it over your shoulders. It will remove the extra effort of taking off your belt bag.

Pros and Cons of the Belt Bags

Everything comes with its own pros and cons. The same is the case with the belt bags.

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  • Easily wearable: The most obvious edge of the belt bags over other bags is that it is easily wearable. You can take it on and off in just a few seconds. Even after you have worn the bag, you can adjust the length of the straps to fit the bag.
  • Keep your hands free; keep all your accessories with you while keeping your hands free in your belt bag. Even though its size is small, you can keep your cell phone, lipsticks, charger, earphones, etc., in your belt bag. 
  • Flexibility of the belt bags; There are an enormous number of colors, sizes, designs, flexibility, and functionalities. Choose the one which is best for you, which suits best on your outfits.


  • It can become heavy. Sometimes, when worn for a long time, the belt bag can cause strains in your bag. When you become habitual of wearing a belt bag, you may stuff it with everything in your hand. This makes your bag heavy.

Here is a tip for you, if you are wearing your bag for a long period of time, keep changing style. Sometimes, you can wear it over your shoulder and sometimes around your waist.

  • Belt bags may cost you too much. These bags are very easy to carry, so people carry them everywhere. This may tear or rip your bag. It gives a very bad impression. The solution is to buy an expensive belt bag of better quality. So, most people avoid wearing this bag unless they have a costly bag1.


Wearing a belt bag will keep valuable items secure and in front of your eyes, allowing you to access all the gadgets easily. Size is a major limiting factor in belt bags. It is not easy to carry heavy belt bags.

Styling Through Belt Bags

Style is meant to be fun. Everyone is enjoying different styles. No hard and fast rule is there for any style. If you ask me the definition of the style, I will say what makes you look good is your style. Every individual has his own style. And not the same style looks good on everybody.

When it comes to belt bags, it is the same here. Not the same belt bag looks good on every person. Which bag will look stylish on you depends upon different factors. Your body style, dressing style, or outfits and accessories you need to put in it matter a lot. 

 I have done detailed research and sorted some trending styles for you. 

  • Sporty style
  • Multi-pack over a mini dress
  • Belt bag under or over a jacket
  • Street-style of the belt bag
  • Party style of wearing a belt bag2

Who can use Belt Bags?

When it comes to belt bags, everyone can use them. Anyone who wants to keep his hands free of keys, cell phones, wallets, etc. can use it.

But the question is what type of belt bag you are using. For night outs, leather bags are preferred, and for activities like hiking, consider flexible bags made of nylon, etc. 

Another tip is to check the size of the belt bag. Yes, it is according to your preference and need of the time. But I prefer it to be of medium size. So when buying, double-check your belt bag. See the number of sections in the bags and compare it with the items you need to put in them.


The versatility and functionalities of the belt bag make it a necessary accessory that everyone must own. But owning a belt bag is not enough; you must know how to wear it. Which styles will make you rocking and stylish? Which colors will suit your outfits?

It’s too much for you. But there is nothing to worry about; the above-mentioned paragraphs have a detailed guide for you. You will definitely look rocking by following the above styles and ways of wearing belt bags.

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