Crossbody Bag Strap Length: Supercharge Your Style

Crossbody Bag Strap Length_ Supercharge Your Style

Crossbody bags are trending now. These bags are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Everyone selects a specific crossbody bag that matches his/her needs, personality, body shape, and outfits. 

Although it is not a tedious job to wear a crossbody bag, it requires a little guidance. Everyone can wear these bags, but their convenience and style will be compromised if they don’t wear properly.

Factors To Consider For Strap Length

The main thing when wearing a crossbody bag is its strap length. These bags cross over the body through the straps. And different bags come with different strap lengths. The strap length that will suit you the most will depend on the following factors: 

Strap Drop

The strap drop is the distance between the top of the bag and the highest point of the strap when on the body. 

Definitely, it will be small for the handbag, but it varies for different crossbody bags.  However, select the strap drop according to your ease to access your accessories and move easily.

Bag Weight

For heavier bags, a shorter strap length is suitable, and vice versa.

Bag Size

Larger straps balance the larger-sized bags and vice versa.

Bag Type

There are different bag types that have different strap lengths.

Body (Height, Size, Shape) And Outfit Types

Different strap lengths are suitable for different body shapes and sizes. Taller and curvy people will need longer straps for their crossbody bags. 

Purpose Of Wearing

There are different occasions or events that dictate the strap length of the crossbody bags. 

Personal Preferences

Everyone has a different personality. He/she must choose the strap length that is appropriate for his/her ease and preference. 

Steps To Make A Perfect Crossbody Bag Strap Length

Steps To Make A Perfect Crossbody Bag Strap Length

The following steps will make it really easy for you to adjust the strap length of your crossbody bag.

  1. Measure The Torso Length

Torso length is the distance from the shoulder top down to the hip bone top. This length is very crucial for making your bag fit on your body.

Firstly, measure the torso length in centimeters or inches. This will tell you where your bag will sit with a specific strap length.

Use a flexible measuring tape.

Stay in an upright position while relaxing your body.

Ask someone to measure the length from the shoulder to the point where you want your bag to sit.

  1. Select The Desirable Position For The Bag

Here, you have to consider the different factors mentioned above. The main factor will be the height and size of the body. Generally, the taller the height, the longer the strap length you will need. Similarly, it is of smaller length for a petite person and longer for a curvy person.  

Yes, it depends upon personal preferences. But here are some recommended strap lengths according to the height of the body. 

Height Strap Drop In InchesStrap Drop In Centimeters
5’0″ – 5’3″22 – 26 in56 – 66 cm
5’4″ – 5’7″24 – 28 in61 – 71 cm
5’8″ – 5’11”26 – 30 in66 – 76 cm
6′28 -32 in71 – 81 cm
6′ 3″33 – 36 in83 – 91 cm

Here are some other suggestions for strap length according to the position of the bag where it will sit.

  • Select 20 inches or 51 cm of strap length for high chest position
  • Select 26 to 30 inches or 66 to 76 cm strap length for lower hip position
  1. Adjust Strap On Your Body

You can either buy a bag of desirable fixed length or a bag with adjustable strap length. However, most crossbody bags come with adjustable strap lengths. Consider the following things when adjusting the strap length. 

  • The strap must neither be too tight nor too loose
  • The bag should rest on a specific place on the body 
  • The weight of the bag must be distributed on the whole body

So here is a small guide to adjust the strap when wearing the bag.

  • Wear the bag in the intended style and position
  • Now increase or decrease the strap length by using the buckle 
  • See where it seems good and comfortable on your body

The above-mentioned measurements in inches and centimeters will help you in this step. But ensure your ease and comfort along with style.

Strap Length For Different Occasions 

What is the ideal strap length for a crossbody bag?

As there are different outfits for different occasions, there are some specific strap lengths appropriate for different events.

  • Casual 

For everyday use, wear your bag according to your ease. It depends upon the height and size of the body. However, a strap length of 22 to 26 inches is considered suitable.

  • Formal

When adjusting the bag for formal occasions, select a shorter strap length. This will keep your bag fixed on your body.

  • Adventurous Events

When you are on an adventurous journey, your bag must be near your body and in easy access. For this, the strap length must be 26 inches or 66 cm. 


You can adjust several strap lengths depending upon different factors, as described above. But it is recommended to try different strap lengths on your body before fixing. Then, see what strap length is suitable in terms of both style and comfortability. 

Above mentioned guide is general for any type of crossbody bag. These are quite simple steps and will help you a lot. Definitely, you will see a significant difference in your style and convenience.

Hope it will prove beneficial for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my crossbody strap length is too long or short?

Firstly, see what strap length is suitable for your body and then adjust it through the buckle. 

What is the ideal strap length for a crossbody bag?

Ideal strap length depends upon personal preference, but 23 – 24 inches are considered ideal. 

How do you wear crossbody bags in different styles and positions?

The strap will help you to wear crossbody bags in different styles and positions. 

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