How To Wear a Crossbody Bag in 2024 (7 Ways)

How to Wear a Crossbody Bag

The design of your crossbody bag and the way you wear showcase your aesthetic sense. A crossbody purse can be a final touch to your dress when preparing for any event. So, are you searching for the best ways to wear the crossbody bag in a stylish as well as suitable way? Here is the answer to your query.

Different Ways to Wear the Crossbody Bags

When you first buy a crossbody bag, you probably don’t know how to wear it. Yes, you can wear it in any way you like, and it will fulfill its job of keeping your accessories secure. But why not know the ways that will give you a great look? So, we are writing the most appropriate ways for you to wear crossbody bags.

  1. On the Hip

Buckle your crossbody bag around your waist and let it rest comfortably on the hip. Keep it a little away from the center, either on the side or back, for a cool look. This will reduce your burden, and you will feel a little weight. 

  1. Sling Your Crossbody Bag Back or Forward

One of the most modern styles to wear the crossbody bag is to cross your bag over your chest, either on the back or front. Slinging it back will be appropriate if you are hiking and you want to keep your chest free and want to get a clear front view when cycling. 

 But some really like to keep their eye on their items, so they sling their bags on their front.

  1. Make It Pop

You can make your crossbody bag a centerpiece of your outfits in different ways. One of the most attractive ways to do so is by replacing your belt and tuck with your fanny pack. You will wear the belt of fanny pack, to keep your pant tight on your waist. It will definitely create a unique layering effect while keeping your bag visible.

  1. Keep It Under the Hood

Every style and way comes with a reason. Someone who is afraid of theft or snatching can keep his bag under their uppers. Also, when you are involved in activities like hiking, cycling, or skiing. You must keep your crossbody bags under your outerwear. It will keep resistance to a minimum. And items will remain in their place.

  1. Hang Under the Arm

You can adjust the strap shorter and keep your bag closer to your arm. It will give you a stylish and streamlined look while keeping your bag secure. It is actually a more sophisticated and formal style to wear crossbody bags. 

  1. Crossbody Bags at the Lower Back

It’s an older, funny, and casual style to wear packs. But people like to wear this style when going to the beach. 

  1. Transform Your Bag Into a Chest Belt.

Firstly, adjust your bag belt to a shorter length and then position it on the front of your chest while ensuring your comfort. Depending on the bag type, you may hook, buckle it up, or clip it. But keep in mind that it should not shift from your chest during activities.


Improve your fashion sense by wearing crossbody bags in different styles. As the name suggests, wear it diagonally across the body, over the shoulder, around the waist, or on the chest. Several ways of wearing are adopted according to the occasion. The appearance of the bags is crucial in selecting the best way to wear crossbody bags.

How To Style A Crossbody Bag

Are crossbody bags in style

The first impression is the last impression. Day by day, new styles are introduced in the market. One of the latest trends is crossbody bags. As it is a new thing, most people don’t know how to style a crossbody purse that will suit them best. 

Sometimes, they look so awkward that it can destroy their self-esteem. So, before wearing a crossbody bag, you must keep the following styles in mind1.

  1. Wearing a Crossbody Bag With Casual Outfits

It will be a final beautiful touch to your casual dress. If it’s a T-shirt and jeans, then a small crossbody bag will give a decent look. But when using it for any trip or picnic, large crossbody bags can help you carry your snacks or water bottles.

  1. Crossbody Bags For Formal Dress

Although crossbody bags are for casual outfits, you can use them with formal dress. The smaller, structured, and decent bag will match best with the simple cocktails and heels. And a larger crossbody bag can be paired with the pantsuit for the night outs. 

  1. Office Crossbody Bags 

You can use crossbody bags in your office, but they must be formal and of a neutral color. It allows you to carry different accessories such as your laptop, cell phone, and others. But always pair it with your outfits.

  1. Crossbody Bags For Parties

These bags will be the most comfortable and suitable for parties and nightouts with friends. Choose a larger bag for a cozy sweater, leggings, and sneakers. But a small crossbody bag will be good for skirts and ankle boots. 

Position Your Crossbody Bag Pack

Positioning your bag around your body will reflect your creativity as well as your personality. You must consider various factors while positioning your crossbody bags, such as your convenience, the uniqueness of your outfits, and your fashion statement. But there is nothing to worry about; here are some positions for you.

  1. Keeping Bag Near Your Belly Button

The most used position is in your navel area, as it will keep everything in your bag in easy reach. This position helps in busy activities like shopping. However, you can adjust the length of the bag strap according to your convenience and preferences. Further, this position is suitable for casual outings and playful and chic events.

  1. Keeping a Crossbody Bag Around Your Hip

When you are traveling, and you want to avoid shoulder pain by bag weight, you can keep it around the hip. This position is suitable especially for travelers, bikers, and hikers as they have to carry for a longer period of time. This style is flexible according to different events and outfits.

  1. Fashionable Position of Your Waist Level

Adjust your bag’s straps in such a way that your bag positions at your waist. Display your bag easily as it is hanging on one of your upper limbs. This is actually a fashionable manner to carry these bags, and you can retrieve accessories easily whenever you need them. This position is famous in everyday fashion and sometimes for edgy and chic looks.

  1. Positioning At the Back of Your Body

Simply move your bag around your body until it reaches your back. This position is to keep your bag safe as well as out of sight. This is used in different outdoor activities and formal occasions. 


The classic way of wearing a crossbody bag is that it ends just above the hip. The shape and size of the bag are essential while wearing. Positioning it across your back in crowded areas like public transport or a gathering is preferable. Wearing it on the front side is beneficial for protecting valuable stuff.

Consider the Following Things When Wearing a Crossbody Bag

What is the new bag trend

There are thousands of versatile styles in the market. But what is suitable for you and what matches you best depends on the following things.

  • Your needs 
  • Your body size
  • Outfits you are wearing
  • Events on which you are wearing 
  • Places you are visiting
  • The vibe of your outfit
  • Color of bag 
  • Price and brand of your bag


Crossbody bags have become the fashion and trend of the time. So everyone wants to have this amazing accessory, but he/she is not well aware of how to use crossbody bags. It is not only fashion but also the need of the time. Everyone likes to free their hands from the burden of accessories. So this crossbody bag will help them a lot for keeping their accessories.

Due to differences in the personality and style of every person, every person will need a distinct way and style of crossbody bag. And by reading the above information, you can choose what is best for you.

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