How Do You Measure Laptop Size For Bag: Foolproof Guide

How Do You Measure Laptop Size for Bag

While Surfing on social media, an enchanting laptop bag comes in front of you. Alas! You are skeptical about its size.

What if your laptop doesn’t fit in it? You don’t want to face the torturing situation where your desired bag does not fit your laptop.

But don’t worry. We have got your back. We will decode the phenomenon to measure laptop size for the perfect bag.

Dimensions of a laptop are measured in inches. The laptop size chart that denotes 13″, 14″, or 15.6″ laptops notify the laptops’ screen sizes. This chart excludes bezel or frame. This means that laptop sizes do not match the laptop bag size chart.

A small, tight fit or bigger bag can damage the laptop if any inconvenience takes place. Therefore, knowing the dimensions of your laptop is essential to choosing a bag that will keep your laptop safe and provide adequate protection and personal comfort.

Let us dive into the journey of measuring laptop size first to select the laptop bag of your dreams.

Need Of The Right Bag For Your Laptop

A right-size bag is essential to ensure safety, portability, space efficiency, and enhanced protection. However, a bag is not only for safety reasons. The right bag for your laptop must have padded compartments, water resistance, ergonomic design, and flexibility to ensure enhanced protection and mind peace while on the trip. With laptop sleeves and high-quality material, you have a comfortable and hassle-free experience carrying your laptop all the time.

How To Measure Your Laptop Size? Stepwise Guideline

To measure the exact size of your laptop that will ensure safety and functionality, there are several steps you must follow. Let us learn every step.

You will get all your answers like how you measure laptop size for bag Lenovo or how you measure laptop size for bag Dell. Measuring Dell or Lenovo laptops is the same. This laptop measuring guide will answer all your questions.

How To Measure Your Laptop Size_ Stepwise Guideline

Step 1: Collect the Desired Tools

It is mandatory to know whether you want to measure standard laptop size in cm or inches. To measure in inches you need an inch measurement tape and for cm follow the same. After getting the measurement tape, get your laptop.

Step 2: Measure Screen Size

Screen size measurement is the most essential step. If you measure the screen size right, you will select a laptop bag. Measure the screen diagonal from one edge of the screen to another edge. Keep the bezel and frame away from your measurement.

Step 3: Measuring The Dimensions Of Your Laptop

The laptop’s dimensions include diagonal, width, depth, and height. Let us measure each one separately.

Diagonal measurement

Palace laptop closed. Take a measurement tape and measure from one edge of the laptop to another edge. It is the total size of your laptop. Always choose a laptop bag that is bigger than this measurement.

Width Measurement

To measure the width, place tape across the laptop ( left to right, or alongside the lengthier side). It is the width of your laptop. Get a bag that is a few cm or an inch lengthier than it.

Height Measurement

Put the tape from the top to the bottom of your laptop. It shows the height of your laptop. A few cm or an inch bigger bag size will be the right choice.

Depth Measurement

It is the thickness of your laptop. Keep your laptop lid closed, and measure how much is the depth of your laptop.

How Do You Measure Laptop Size For Bag

How Do You Measure Laptop Size For Bag(1)

After completing the measurement of the laptop, now we have to measure the laptop bag size. First of all, take the tape and your laptop bag. It is a must to measure bag compartments: horizontal bag compartments and vertical bag compartments. Horizontal bag compartments are for height, and vertical compartments are for the width of the laptop. 

Measure the inner sizes, height, and width of the laptop bag. How do you measure bag size in inches? Use an inch measurement tape. And if you want to know how you measure laptop size for the bag in cm, always choose a cm tape. No matter whether you are measuring a leather laptop bag or another one, the method will be the same.

Note: Choose a laptop bag that is the same size as the laptop or a slightly bigger one. 

Measuring a bag is the same as measuring luggage. We have to measure all sizes and thickness as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size laptop bag to get?

If you are shopping for a laptop bag, but are unaware of the bag size that fits your laptop perfectly, choose a laptop bag that is equal in size or slightly bigger than the laptop. Learn about the bag’s specifications, and compare them with a laptop.

How do I know the size of my laptop?

To measure the dimensions of your laptop, take a tape, and measure your laptop diagonally from one edge of the screen to the other age to get the exact size of your laptop. Measure the diagonal, height, width, and thickness of your laptop to know what size of the laptop bag you are looking for.

What size laptop bag should I get?

Always get a laptop bag that is the same size as the laptop or slightly bigger to accommodate your laptop in the bag perfectly.

Can a 14-inch laptop fit in a 13-inch bag?

First of all, it is not possible as the laptop case is only designed for a 13-inch laptop. Forcefully accommodating a 14-inch laptop in a 13-inch bag can cause damage to the laptop bag.

How do you measure laptop size for a bag?

Take your laptop and a measuring tape. Measure your laptop’s screen diagonally from one edge to another. If the screen size is 13″ inches, then you must get a bag that is also 13 inches or slightly bigger. 


Now you get the answer to the tricky question: how do you measure laptop size for a bag? From measuring laptops to measuring laptop bags, every step is clearly written stepwise. 

Therefore, we expect the right selection of bags for your laptop so that your laptop never encounters any incident. An ideal bag with enhanced safety, sleeves, padded compartments, and pockets is all everyone searches for.

But perfection is found only by those who are filled with knowledge. This guideline has surely helped you measure a laptop for the bag. You will never fail to choose a laptop bag that is made perfectly for your laptop. Read to measure the torso for the backpack.

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