How To Measure Torso For Backpack: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Measure Torso for Backpack

The torso length is the distance from the neck to the pelvis. Bag brands make their products according to the torso length. Different outfit companies, especially those that manufacture T-shirts, also manufacture their products according to the torso length. 

Different people come with various torso lengths, but the average torso length is approximately 44 cm (20 cm). 

Measuring Torso Length

Yes, you can measure torso length by yourself, but it will not be a precise measurement. 

Before starting the measurement of your torso, call a person ( any friend or relative) and have a measuring tape. When you have both of these prerequisites with you, you can start measuring torso length.

Here are the steps to measure the torso length.

  1. Stand Straight

When you want to measure the torso length, first stand straight, then bend your neck to touch the chin to your chest.

  1. Locate The C7 Vertebra
Locate The C7 Vertebra

Now, you will find a protruding bone on the back of your neck. That will be the C7 vertebra. Furthermore, you can verify that point (C7) must be the meeting point of the neck and shoulders. Moreover, it is near the collar of the shirt.

  1. Locate The Hip Bone Top/Hip Shelf.

The next step is to locate the top of the hip bone. You have to place both of your hands around the body on your hips. Slide them down from the rib cage until they touch the top of your hip bones. While doing so, your thumbs must be pointing towards the spine. Your hands will feel the iliac crest. 

  1. Measure The Distance

Ask the person to hold the tape at the C7 vertebra. Then, move it down along the imaginary line to the place where the thumbs are aligning. The tape must be kept straight in the center and run smoothly along the natural curve of the spine. 

  1. Categorize The Length

Backpack companies manufacture the bags according to specific categories. These categories are mentioned on the torso size chart;

  • Extra small: below or up to 15 inches (38.1 cm)
  • Small: 16 – 17 inches (40. 64 – 43.18 cm)
  • Medium: 18 – 19 inches (45.72 – 48.26 cm)
  • Large: above 20 inches (50.8 cm)

When you are done with the torso measurement, you can put your torso length in the respective category. Most people guess this length according to their height, but it is always different. So measuring it will help you to make precise decisions. 

  1. Select The Respective Backpack
Select The Respective Backpack

Now, when you are done with the measurement of the torso length, try different sizes of bags in your respective category. Adjust the strap lengths and hip belts and check different strap lengths. Choose the pack that feels the most comfortable. 

Some brands make multiple sizes of backpacks or even gender-specific backpacks. So, when selecting the bag, go for these brands. 

Torso sizes for bags of other brands vary. So, select the specific bag for your torso size.

Men Vs Women

There is a significant difference in the torso length of both these genders. However, the method of measuring the torso length for males and females is the same.

Average torso length for males = 18 inches (45.7 cm)

Average torso length for females = 16 inches (40.6 cm) 

Importance Of Torso Length

Measuring torso length is very important not only for selecting suitable bag sizes but also for perfect outfit selection. This measurement will give you the exact body size. So you can easily select the right sizes of backpacks and T-shirts. 

Loose or tight outfits and bags are always teasing especially when wearing for a long time. Furthermore, when you are on a long journey and have to carry a bag, the incorrect size will make you feel more burdened. 

When you know the exact torso length, you will select a backpack, which will help you to distribute the whole weight over the body. And you will feel less stressed.

Other Factors Along With Torso Length

When sizing and fitting a bag on your body, you will need some factors other than torso length. So consider them also. 

  • Hip size for hip belt
  • Shoulder straps 
  • Sternum strap or chest strap
  • Load lifter straps 

Best Brands For Adjustable Torso Length Backpacks

There are different brands which are specifically using the torso length for making their backpacks. Some of the most important companies are as follows. 

  • Osprey
  • Zpacks Arc Haul 
  • REI Flash
  • Deuter Aircontact Ultra 
  • Granite Gear Blaze
  • Gregory Zulu

These companies make backpacks for both genders according to their torso lengths. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Measure My Torso?

You can measure your torso for a backpack by using a measuring tape. Stretch the tape from your C7 vertebra to the top of your hip bone. This distance will give you the exact value of torso length. 

How Do I Know My Backpack Size?

There are different categories of backpack sizes, categorized according to torso lengths. Your torso length will determine the size of your backpack. 

How Do You Adjust the Torso Length On A Backpack?

You can adjust torso length by pulling the webbing of tri-glides both for shorting or extending the torso lengths. 

How To Fit Your Backpack?

Follow the steps below to fit your backpack. 

  1. Lose all the straps and load the pack 
  2. Wear the bag and fasten the hip belt at the hip level
  3. Adjust the shoulder straps according to your comfort and torso length
  4. Now adjust the chest strap according to your comfort
  5. Tighten the load lifters and compression straps to completely fit your body


Torso length is a crucial factor to consider when buying a backpack. This is especially important for large bags used in long journeys and adventures. However, you can easily measure your torso length by following the above-mentioned steps. This step-by-step guide will give you the exact torso length. 

Moreover, you can measure the strap length of your sling bags by following the step-by-step guide in our blog. If you have further queries, let me know in the comments. 

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