How Many Cups of Flour in a 5-Pound Bag? Get the Exact Count

How Many Cups of Flour in a 5-Pound Bag

Flour bags come in various sizes and designs. People wonder if it is worth the price. Or how many cups of flour are there inside it? Flour is a staple food that comes in various forms, such as all-purpose flour, bread, and whole wheat flour.

The answer can vary depending on the type of flour you are using. Measuring methods also make a difference while calculating the number of cups.

Use our guide to learn how to measure flour and the amount of flour present in a five-pound bag. This will help you in getting accurate results.  

Measuring Flour in a 5-pound Bag

Cups of Flour in a 5-Pound Bag

Generally speaking, 18 to 20 cups of flour is in a 5-pound bag1.

The amount of flour depends on two major factors that are;

  • Type of flour
  • Scooping or compacting of the flour in a cup
  • Size of cups 
  • Sieving of flour

Types of Flour

Different Types of Flour

Various types of flour are available on the market. It is difficult to tell the exact number of cups just by looking at them. Setting a standard is essential for baking products in a restaurant or home.

Bread Flour

Bread Flour

Bread flour is a whole lot of protein. It provides structure and chewing ability to the products. It is perfect for yeast breads and pizza crusts.

It is a dense type of flour. A five-pound bag of bread flour will have fewer cups than all-purpose flour. Usually, 16 or 17 cups is an average number for bread flour. 

All-purpose Flour

All-purpose flour

This is the most used type of flour available. It is usable in making all kinds of baking products like cookies, cakes, pizza dough, and breads.

All-purpose flour serves as a standard flour to find the exact number of cups in a bag. It has a standard density, and one cup of all-purpose flour weighs about 4.5 ounces or 125 grams2

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a product obtained from wheat kernels. It adds texture, smoothness, and flavor to products.

Whole wheat flour is the most dense type of flour in the market. This is due to its coarse texture. Fifteen cups is an average number of cups present in a five-pound bag. 

Measuring Methods

Scales and cups are the most common way to measure the flour in a bag. Scale is the most accurate method for making baked items. It lets you calculate the exact weight of flour required in a recipe.

A portion scale is preferable to accurately measure the flour. Sieving the flour minimizes the presence of any lumps in the flour. 

Considering that the goal is to determine the amount of flour in a bag, this is not a common practice. Cups are used all around the globe to measure the amount of flour present in a bag. 

To accurately measure the amount of cups, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First, fluff the flour using a mesh strainer or sieve. 
  • Use a completely dry measuring cup for accurate measurements.
  • A spoon can take out the flour from the bag and fill out the cup until it exceeds the mark. 
  • You can also use a cup by putting it directly in the bag. Clean the excess flour from the cup and measure the amount accordingly3.    

Measuring Flour by Weight

It is an accurate method of measuring any kind of flour. If you remember the amount required in a product, you can easily measure and use it during the making process. 

The weight of the flour and compactness in the cup hold a crucial role in calculating the amount of flour present in a five-pound bag.

Conversion Factors

The following units and their conversion rate help calculate the amount of flour in a bag. 

1 pound = 16 ounces

1 pound = 453 grams

1 cup of all-purpose flour ≈ 4.5 ounces ≈ 125 grams

For All-purpose Flour

5 pounds = 80 ounces

80 ounces / 4.5 ounces per cup = 17.78 ≈ 18 cups

Benefits of Measuring by Weight

Precise measurements lead to a perfect baking product. It is crucial to get consistent baking results4. It ensures that an equal amount of flour is present every time you make the same product. That’s why consistency is a significant factor in baking products. 


The type of flour and measuring methods are crucial in determining the accurate number of cups in a flour bag. The number of cups varies between 16 to 21 depending on the type of flour.

An approximate number of cups enables you to estimate and adjust the flour required in baking items. Happy baking!

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