How To Authenticate Coach Bag: Verification Methods

How to Authenticate Coach Bag

Coach is not only known for its high quality but also for its expensive bags. The extraordinary designs and unparalleled craftsmanship on the bags are the symbolic features of the coach. However, you will find many counterfeits of coach products in the market. It will be difficult for a common person to identify the genuine ones with time.

How to authenticate the original products, or how to spot the fake ones? Many buyers of the coach products are searching for authentic methods to distinguish the real and fake products. There are many easy ways to differentiate the real ones from counterfeits.

Let’s delve into the comprehensive discussion about the authentication of the coach bags

Authenticity Of Coach Products

Authenticity of any brand is very necessary as it invests a huge amount in the quality of its products. At the same time, buyers are also investing in their products. And they don’t want to buy any fake items. So, they can authenticate through different ways, such as the serial numbers, logos, linings, quality of the products, etc. 

All types of coach products, such as vintage coach bags, tote coach bags, small white and purple coach wallets, and other items, can be verified through the authentication methods below.  

Serial Numbers 

Formation Of Serial Numbers

The first tool to check the authenticity of the coach products is a unique serial number. It can be called a coach authentication number or identification number. You will find the serial number on the interior of the bag either stamped on the leather patch or onto the fabric or lining of the bag. 

Coach has a creed that is a system of serial numbers. Serial numbers are a series of letters, dashes, and digits. There have been many changes in the patterns of the serial numbers from the start till now.  

  • In the start, there were only digits, four digits before the dash and four digits after the dash. 4532 – 7895 is a serial number.
  • Later after 1994, this pattern was changed. They added letters, one before the digit and one letter after the digit, then a dash, and then four digits. For instance, K8P – 9870 and E05Q – 9950 are two serial numbers. 
  •  In 2006, the format was again changed. The serial number contained a letter, four digits, a dash, and five more numbers. This will look like B1980 – 38124. 
  • After 2020, the coach introduced several formats for writing serial numbers. Below are some examples.

H2081 – C0769

L2023 – 6019

H2039 – 601

Where Are Serial Numbers?

Serial numbers are present mainly in three places. 

  • Serial numbers can be present under the coach creed.
  • There can be serial numbers on small white tags inside the bag.
  • There are specific price tags on the bags on which serial numbers are present. 

Meaning Of Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are specific for every product. These numbers signify the information about the production, place, and time of that item. Moreover, there is a style number that reveals the style of the product. 

  • The first letter tells the month of formation of the bag. 
  • The next number signifies the year in which the bag was manufactured.
  • The following letter represents the place where it was manufactured. 
  • Letters or digits after the dash signify the style number of the bag. 

How To Authenticate The Serial Number Online?

You can verify the coach’s serial number online by following these methods.

The most trusted way is to call the coach customer service at 1(904)741-3090. Tell them the serial number of your coach product. They will tell you about the product as all the coach products are registered in the database of the company. 

There are many online third-party verification services. You can consult with them by sending photos of your product or by physical inspection. 

The third way to check the authenticity of the coach serial numbers is by going to different authentication websites. You can write the serial number there, and they will verify the bag. Or you can simply write the style number on the Google search bar and see whether that is the same style as your bag. 

Stitching Of The Coach Bags

stitching a bag

Here are some characteristics of stitching of the coach bags

  • Coach avoids excessive stitching. You will only see necessary stitching on the bags on the edges or corners. 
  • The stitching of the coach products is straight and has a uniform size. 
  • The lengths of the stitches will be the same in the same seam. 

The counterfeits don’t have such precision. They will have fraying, different sizes, and different lengths of stitches. 

Zippers Of The Coach Bags

Coach bags always have YKK zippers. Moreover, you can check the smoothness of the zippers by zipping and unzipping the bag a few times. 

Along With smoothness, there will be a coach logo on the zipper pull. This will be the hallmark of a genuine coach product. 

Font Shape And Size

The fake products can have some minute mistakes in the fonts. Mainly there can be mistakes in rounding at the top of the “A” and “C” in the “ COACH “. The famous brands spend too much money on minute things. However, the inexpensive manufacturers making counterfeits cannot spend their budget on such things. 

So you can easily distinguish the fake bags or purses whenever you see irregular or misshapen fonts. 

Lining Of The Coach Bags

A fundamental feature of the coach bags is the lining. They never craft the “ CC “ pattern on the exterior and the lining. You can easily identify the real coach bags by using this distinguishing feature. 

Quality Of The Material

As the Coach is an expensive brand, it always uses high-quality and well-crafted materials. Coach company uses highly durable leather and heavy metal hardware.


Checking authenticity is very important when buying expensive products. Coach bags are also one of the most costly products in the world. Therefore, you must know all the details that can help you distinguish authentic bags from fake ones. 

From the above blog post, you will learn different intricacies of Coach products. These include the features of a real or genuine coach bag. After this, you will not be betrayed by any of the counterfeiters of coach bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know My Coach Bag Is Authentic?

You can check the serial number, lining, zippers, material quality, and stitching to know that your bag is authentic. 

Where Can I Check The Coach’s Serial Number?

The coach serial number is present on the interior of the bag. A small leather patch is inside the bag on which the serial number is crafted.

How Do I Verify My Coach Product?

You can verify your coach product through the following.

  • Check the quality of the leather.
  • Verify the serial number from the authentication websites.
  • Analyze the lining of the product. 
  • Stitching should be smooth on the product. 

What Does An Authentic Coach Tag Look Like?

An authentic coach tag will have the same leather as the bag. It will be thick. Trimming of both the tag and the bag will be similar. A third most important feature is that the logo of COACH should be raised.  

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