How To Store Bags and Backpacks: Smart Solutions

How To Store Bags and Backpacks

Most people, especially children, throw them haphazardly wherever they find space. It seems disloyal to these useful partners. When we were children, it was always a problem to find our school bags in the morning. Because we didn’t bother to store them or organize them in a suitable place.

Most of the people who even tried to store them resulted in damping or molding their bags. As they don’t know the right storage methods, they damage or degrade their bags. But here is the ideal place where you can store your bags. Choose a place that is cool, dry, and away from the direct sunlight. 

Let’s discuss the best possible ways to store the bags and backpacks in the following blog post.

Best Ideas To Store The Backpacks

Ideas To Store The Backpacks

There are many backpack organizers and stands in the market made specifically for storage purposes. These organizers provide tips for storing bags in the mudroom, garage, or other places. You can store any type of bag which includes duffle bags, tote bags, and gym bags, in one of the following places.

Mudroom With Hooks

All our new compartments or houses have at least one mudroom. It can accommodate many of your everyday accessories in an organized manner in specialized sections.

You will find hooks that can hang your bags

Entryway Zone With Hooks

The Entryway zone is the first place you will see when you enter your house. If you have a small house or apartment, then it will be the best place where you can hang your bag.

For bags or backpacks, mount hooks that are strong enough to carry the bags. 

Hallway With Hooks

The hallway is mostly used for hanging pictures or other artwork. However, it is now modified for hanging purses, cell phones, or mail. It will not only save your small space but provides easy access to all of your accessories. It will keep them in front of your eye.

Hang With Bars And S-hooks On The Wall

Bars and S-hooks are not only innovative but also a multipurpose customizable option to carry several gadgets. You can use them for storage purposes.

Simply just mount a rod on the wall. And place S-hooks on the rod. You can hang several household items. It is a suitable place for storing your bag packs. 

Use Door Backpack Hanger

There is another innovative way to hang backpacks. Buy a door backpack hanger. Adjust it on your door. And it will provide a hook for your bag. Hang your bag on it and become tension-free. 

Shelf Area For Storage

Shelf storage is one of the safest places for a bag. There are shelves in every home. These are used for keeping clothes, books, and industrial products. These provide a horizontal space where you can either display or store different items according to their use.

Store Bags In Storage Bins

There are different storage bins in the market. These are used for storing different items which include books, purses, clothes, files, utensils, etc. 

Storage bins will keep your bag upright, tidy. It will not put stress on the bag’s strap.

Garage Wardrobe With Hooks

A garage wardrobe is a great place to store not only household items but also sports equipment. These keep your accessories away from the ground and dampen in the closet. These have specialized areas for rain boots, helmets, roller skates, and other outdoor gear.

Mostly, the hiking backpacks are kept in the garage wardrobe. As they place everything in an organized manner, you can easily access your bag. 

Backpacks Or Bags In Storage Bags

There are storage bags that are specifically designed for storage purposes. These are made up of canvas, nylon, or polyester. Storage bags will provide you extra protection from dust, moisture, or any type of stress. 

Bags In Closets 

There may be closets in the wardrobe of your bedroom. You can specify one of them for storing your bags. Mostly unused bags are kept in the closets.

Some Useful Tips

Bags In Closets

There are several ways to store backpacks. Everyone wants to store their bags according to his/her ease. Select the place which you think is the best for you. But always consider the following conditions when storing your bag.

  • The very first thing is the size and shape of the bag. Some bags are bulky and some are small in size. Some come with built-in hooks and some can be hung with their straps. Select wide places for bulky bags.
  • The next thing is the area or storage space. Make sure the space is appropriate for both the material of the bag and the size of the bag. There must be enough space that there must be no stress or stretches on the bag. 
  • Also, consider the weight of the bag. The place must be able to bear enough weight. Place or hang the bag in a way that it is balanced either shelf or hook. 
  • When you go for storing bags, don’t just select a place which is looking good or easy. But see whether it is clean, dry, well-ventilated or not. 
  • Keep your bag safe from extreme temperatures and away from direct sunlight. It can degenerate the upper layer of leather and fade colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Store Backpacks And Bags At Home?

I prefer to hang my bags in the mudroom. This provides me with easy access. When there are children in my house, I use a backpack cubby. It provides me with a large number of shelves and more storage spaces for a large number of bags.

Where Is The Best Place To Store Backpacks?

If you want to store backpacks for a long term then consider storage baskets. Otherwise hanging on the back of the door will be the best place to store the backpacks. 

How Do You Store A Large Backpack?

I store large backpacks on the shelf as they are risky to hang. 

How Do You Store An Empty Backpack?

Empty backpacks are easy to store. There are several options for an empty backpack. I prefer the S-hooks and rods for storing the backpacks. 

How To Store Bags And Backpacks?

Storing the bags or backpacks is a little different from the storage of other bags. These can be placed in the wardrobe, shelf, drawer, or the storage basket. But, nowadays, bags are mostly hung on different hooks.


Bags not only carry your gadgets but can also enhance your personality if they are in good condition. Therefore, to maintain their newness, try to keep them at a secure and suitable place. I hope you will also find a suitable place and will be able to store your bag properly.

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