How to Organize Golf Bag: Essential Tips for Every Player

How to Organize Golf Bag

Golf is a game of focus and commitment. A well-disciplined golf game requires full focus on your shots, not on disorganized clubs. Tangled clubs can cause strain and nervousness.

Understanding the arrangement of golf essentials is necessary. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, knowing how to organize your clubs is crucial for elevating your game.

This article will cover the standard methods of organizing the golf essentials inside a golf bag. You can also arrange in your own style but the basic organization will provide you ease and comfort during the game.

Now, Let’s begin!

Understanding Golf Bag Layout

Understanding Golf Bag Layout

Learning about how to organize stuff inside a golf bag comes down to a simple question: what are the things that we put in specific compartments? When you see a bag, you will probably focus on the clubs section. That’s the main part of any golf bag.

Arrangement of Golf Clubs

Placing the golf clubs depends on the number of dividers in a golf bag. Normally, an average-sized golf bag has eight to fourteen dividers. The standard procedure for arranging the golf clubs includes;

  • Woods in the top section of the divider
  • Separate front compartment for putters
  • Driving irons in the middle
  • Wedges are present at the bottom

The heads should remain covered. This will protect the wood and graphite shafts from scratching. Protecting your gear is as important as gameplay.

This does not mean you cannot arrange the clubs in any other order. It’s a basic technique for achieving organization inside a golf bag. It minimizes clubs clanging together, allowing you to focus more efficiently on your gameplay.

Arranging golf clubs also depends on the number of dividers present in a golf bag. Several bags are present in the market with a variable number of dividers. But a common point is that the longest sticks are located in the backend of the bags. It enables you to organize other stuff easily.

The length of playing is also a crucial factor. The selection of the clubs is easy by knowing the length of the matches. As a result, you can choose the perfect golf bag that fits your needs.

Arrangement of Clubs by Bag Types

Arranging golf items will require knowing how many items you have for a specific golf bag. Generally speaking, you have to empty your golf bag, regardless of the type of golf bag. 

Then, you have to arrange all your clubs and essentials on the ground properly. This helps you take stock of all your clubs and equipment. 

Lastly, after cleaning your golf bags, you can start arranging your stuff. Different bags have different arrangement strategies, with the basics remaining the same. I will cover the arrangement of golf clubs in the following three types of golf bags; 

Carry bags

Arranging golf clubs is not a hectic task if you know the positioning of every club. The length of the clubs and the number of dividers are an integral part of arranging golf clubs. 

Normally carry bags have fourteen-way top dividers. The most fragile golf clubs, i.e. woods, are present at the top of the bag. They have a cover to protect them from other clubs. The clubs that are large in length are present at the back end of golf bags. 

The drivers are placed in the top left section of the dividers. The woods are arranged in left and right sections accordingly. Moving forward, long irons are placed in the middle of the bags. They are arranged in order from left to right depending on their length.

After that, there is space available for mid-irons and the pitching wedge. It will give space for the putter at the end. Wedges and putters are in the last two dividers. Small-length putters accommodate lessHow to Organize Golf Bag space. It also helps in carrying the golf bags. 

Push cart/trolley bags

Pushcart golf bags are suitable for rainy weather or wet golf courses. Professional golfers use these bags if they want to walk on the golf course. 

Just like carry bags, pushcart bags have various numbers of dividers, allowing you to carry golf clubs without distortion. Placing different types of clubs does not depend on the number of dividers. You just have to place the right club at the right divider.

In a seven-way divider pushcart bag, the front slot is for shorter clubs. A separate putter pocket is available for this purpose. On the contrary, the drivers are present on the top side of the bags. A longer compartment is suitable for larger clubs.

Hybrids and wood are present after the driver. The least lofted club is present alongside the driver with others moving away from it. Irons are in the middle portion. Arrange them according to the type or number assigned to them.

The remaining short irons or wedges are in the bottom short divider on the golf bags. It lets you organize every club perfectly. If you are a newbie, this is an ideal way of carrying golf clubs.

Riding cart/trolley bags

The arrangement of golf clubs largely depends on the type of golf bags and the required clubs during a match. A Weekend or club match requires carrying different golf clubs and essentials. 

It is easier to carry bags on a riding cart. You just have to organize all the clubs so that they do not collide with one another. Drivers possess a space at the top with the three-wood and five-wood fairy woods. These clubs are for taking long shots.

To organize irons in numerical order, start with the 3-iron and 4-iron at the top, along with the woods. The middle divider is for 5-iron to 9-irons. Pitching wedges are also present with them.

In the mid-section, separate dividers are available for wedges and irons. A dedicated putter well is also in cart bags that separate it from other clubs. Headcovers for putters and woods are also essential in keeping the clubs safe.

Arranging Golf Balls

How do you feel if you have a single ball left and four holes to play? Yeah, it feels horrible. Knowing how many balls you carry is as important as the golf clubs.

Taking a cluster of balls is also not suitable as it will distract you as well. Front dedicated pockets are normally available to carry enough golf balls for a day’s play. 

In large golf bags, multiple compartments are available to store golf balls hassle-free. I would suggest carrying at least fifteen balls with you.

Arrangement of Clothes

Carrying extra towels and apparel is also a valuable part of the game. You will never know when you need a second apparel.

For a day’s play, you will be required to have multiple towels. The day is long and the weather also demands that you carry additional clothing items as you cannot stop the game in the middle.

Both sides of the golf bags have large apparel compartments. It lets you store additional clothes with ease. In a golf tour or professional match, extra apparel is a must-have requirement because it will keep you focused on the game and not on the dirty outfit. 

Playing in erratic conditions will require you to use waterproof golf bags. Using waterproof golf bags is the best choice because they feature separate waterproof compartments for your damp clothes. Hats are present in a separate compartment if that is available. 

Organizing Small Accessories and Valuables

Personalized valuable pockets are present on the outside of the golf bags. Modern-designed golf bags have these compartments to carry personal gadgets like mobile phones, cards, keys, headphones, power banks, etc. The pockets are waterproof and can easily carry all your valuable items.

Golfers require their gloves in a moisture-free state. A separate pocket for an extra pair of gloves is very important for the golfers. Playing with unsatisfied gloves will bring your game down. Gloves are an integral part of a perfect game. 

In the same way, other small accessories like golf tees, markers, scoresheets, and pitchforks are present in small compartments. You have to make sure to put everything in their respective compartment. 

Organizing Larger Stuff

Want some refreshments on the golf course? Don’t worry; golf bags with insulated cooler compartments will have you covered. The insulated cooler pockets let you carry multiple cans of drinks and water bottles with ease.

You can now enjoy drinks with your friends on a golf course while playing. Keeping your food fresh and secure is also essential. Large golf bags come with all these features. You have to intelligently use all the space present in a golf bag. 

Additionally, mesh compartments of fabric pockets are also present on the outside of the golf bags for carrying water bottles. It will keep you hydrated on the go.

Golf bags have buckles and straps for golf and umbrellas as well. Changing weather will help cover you and your essentials. A rain hood cover is also available in one of the side pockets of golf bags. It will protect all your golf clubs. 

D-rings and loops are also available outside the golf bags. They are ideal for carrying towels, rangefinders, GPS, or gloves. Make sure to attach additional items, as you don’t know when you need them. 

Organizing a 14-slot golf bag

Organizing a 14-slot golf bag

If you want to organize all your golf essentials with ease, 14-way top divider golf bags are best suited for you. It gives you ample space to carry all the stuff with ease. 

A separate compartment for every item protects the golf equipment from collision, abrasions, and scratches. Proper knowledge of arranging golf clubs is essential in using these 14-slot golf bags. Let’s take a look at arranging the golf clubs in fifteen dividers.

Top Row: This is row 1 of the 14-way divider golf bags. These are furthest away from you which means they have the longest divider for putting long clubs. Driver is present in the middle with side dividers for the three-wood and five-wood clubs. 

Upper Middle Row: This row consists of four slots. Starting from left to right, hybrids/irons are present. This row contains 3-iron to 6-irons. Arranging in a row is easy depending on the size.

Lower Middle Row: This row also comprises four slots for irons or hybrids. The slots are getting shorter in length, and so are the clubs. In this row, seven-iron to nine-iron clubs are present. A pitching wedge or gap wedge compartment is also there.

Bottom Row: This is the last row of the 14-way divider golf bags. The center slot is a bit wider than other slots. It is for a putter and two wedges. Lob wedges and sand wedges are present in this section. For smooth playing, a putter is present in the middle and front of the bag. It also provides easy access to the putters. 

Organizing Pockets

Golf bags with 14-way top dividers come in various sizes and styles. Some have retractable legs while others have carry straps with carry handles. Irrespective of the design, the style of the compartments remains the same.

The front side contains a cooler compartment with a large surface area. Below that, a golf ball pocket is available. The sides of the golf bags have large-size apparel compartments. A rain-hood cover pocket and bags are also provided.

Velcro glove attachments with additional rings and patches are also provided on the front and sides of the bags. Small pockets for personal belongings like phones, wallets, and keys are also available in 14-way top divider bags.

Organizing a seven-slot golf bag

Seven or eight slots golf bags are very common among the golfers. It lets you store enough clubs for a weekend at the golf course or a three-par score.  In the upper slots, golfers prefer three-wood and dividers. 

Hybrids are on the right side of the upper row with irons in the remaining two slots. Arranging irons according to their sizes is easy in the middle slots. Larger ones are on the right, with smaller ones on the left.

Wedges are present in the last row, with only one slot remaining. That slot is for carrying putters. Due to its small size and more usability, it is on the front side of the bags.

Some golf bags with seven slots have a wide divider that enables you to carry multiple golf clubs in the same divider. In bags with fewer dividers, irons, and wedges are in the same divider. 

Arranging golf clubs in a six-way divider bag

Arranging golf clubs in a six-way divider bag

In golf bags with a lesser number of dividers, maintaining the center of gravity is essential in keeping the golf bags standing. Arranging the golf clubs in a proper way keeps the golf bags in balance.

Large clubs are at the last divider of the bags, with small clubs at the front. Carrying a smaller number of clubs is a solution for this purpose. It depends on the width of the dividers as well.

The top section of the bags contains dividers. Woods are adjacent to dividers. After that, two dividers are present for irons or hybrids. Hybrids and wedges are in the last two dividers.

Organizing a five-way golf bag

The five-divider golf bags usually have wider compartments than the 14-way dividers. It allows you to carry multiple golf clubs in the dividers with ease.

Placing clubs depends on the liking of the player and how he likes to approach the clubs during the game. A drive, 3-wood, 5-wood, and a putter is on the top. The middle slots are given to the irons/hybrids, three in each of the slots.

In the last two dividers, three wedges/irons are present. The arrangement of the golf clubs can be varied but the standard practice enables you to focus more on the game than to organize clubs during game play.

In a five-way divider golf bag, six zippered compartments are available for carrying other golf essentials. It includes gloves, GPS, rangefinder, golf balls, rain-hood cover, an umbrella, etc.

Arranging golf clubs in a four-way divider bag

These are conventional golf bags. The splitting of the golf clubs depends on the usage of the clubs. The classic way of slitting includes;

  • Two woods and a long iron at the top
  • Three long irons in the middle right divider
  • Three irons/woods in the middle left divider
  • Short iron and putter at the bottom divider

As the shorter clubs are at the bottom, it is easier to reach them.

Arranging a golf tour bag

Arranging a golf tour bag

Arranging a golf tour bag depends on the tour conditions. How long is the tour, and how much will you spend on the golf course? However, the basic requirements for a tour bag remain the same. The necessary organization required for a golf tour bag is as follows;

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are the main requirement of any golf tour bag. Multiple clubs during playing is necessary because it is a long-term activity, and you will need all your best equipment.

Large dividers and fairywoods are in the top divider. Hybrids or irons are in the middle rows respectively. The wedges and small irons are after the hybrids.

The smaller irons are at the bottom of the bag for proper carrying of the bags. It is essential to cover the clubs using the head covers. It will protect the clubs from collisions and scratching as well.

Gloves & Accessories

Carrying multiple accessories is an essential part of any golf tour. Professional golfers need many essentials depending on the playing conditions. Three to four pairs of gloves are normally present in a golf tour bag with space for more.

Golf tees, golf balls, markers, and score sheets are some additional stuff that a golfer needs at the time of playing. Separate compartments are available in the golf bags for this purpose.


Refreshments items in golf bag

Long hours at the golf course require you to remain fresh and hydrated all the time. Insulated cooler compartments are present in the golf tour bags. You can carry multiple water bottles on a golf course. It will keep the water cold for a long period.

Other Essentials

Extra towels and apparel are also essential for a golf tour bag. Rainy environments will affect the apparel, and the golfer will have to use the extra stuff. Golf tour bags have ample space to carry this stuff.

Moreover, umbrella holders are present to carry large umbrellas. Rain-hood covers are also in the side compartment of the golf tour bags. Outside the golf bags, rings for GPS and rangefinders are also available. 


Keep your head clear from diversions by properly organizing the golf bags. If you follow the process of organizing club essentials outlined in this article, you can enjoy your golf days with the best experience.

As they say, if you prepare yourself for anything, you will have less strain on your mind.

It will keep you free from distractions and focus entirely on the game. Arranging golf clubs will protect the clubs from entanglement and provide easy access for the golfer.

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