What is A Clutch Purse: Essential Guide

What is A Clutch Purse

Clutch bags are not only the product of the modern fashion industry but have a long past history. These bags were initially developed in the 1300s in Iran. These sorts of purses were used to keep gold and silver coins. Later, they were used in the Dark Ages in Europe, and their designs were remade with many alterations.

Now, a wide range of clutch bag styles and shapes are available in this modern age. In this brief blog post, you will find a complete guide about clutch bags and their uses and ways of using them. 

Here we go!

What Is A Clutch Bag?

A clutch bag refers to a tiny, rectangular handbag that you can also keep under your arm. It is an elegant and sophisticated accessory, especially for parties. Usually, it comes without a strap or handle. However, slightly larger clutch bags come with handles and detachable straps.

Although clutch bags come in numerous sizes and shapes, the characteristic feature of a clutch bag is its slimness. It must be small enough to be held in hands easily.

A Clutch Bag is also called a party bag or evening bag. It can only hold small accessories such as mobile phones, small purses, keys, lipsticks, etc.

What Is A Clutch Purse Made Of?

Clutch bags are made from different materials. These materials must be durable and water-resistant. Most common include the following.

  • Leather
  • Fabric Nylon
  • Synthetic Fiber
  • Waterproof PVC Fiber

Clutch Bag Uses

Now comes to its uses. Mostly, it is used to carry small belongings with you. There are small sections and pockets inside the clutch bag. These organize your items even in this small size. As clutch bags come in several sizes, you can select the one that can carry all your gadgets. Clutch bags can carry the following items easily. 

  • Mobile phone
  • Makeup
  • Keys
  • Personal hygiene
  • Wallet
  • ID cards or credit cards 

How To Carry A Clutch Bag?

Types Of Clutch Bags

As their name mentions, you have to hold or clutch them in your hands. For different events and shapes, there are different styles to carry a clutch bag. Numerous things are taken under consideration when holding a clutch bag. Generally, it is kept in the left hand, so your right hand will be free to shake hands or hold a glass.

The following are some of the most popular styles for carrying a clutch bag.

Hold the Clutch Bag From The Bottom

It is the easiest and most comfortable way to carry a clutch bag. In this style, put your palm under the bag and spread your fingers on one side and your thumb on the other side for stability.

You can keep your clutch bag at different heights while holding it. However, keep it at a place where you are comfortable.

Hold The Clutch Bag From The Top

This is a stylish way to clutch the bag from the top. The exact way to carry a bag through this style is here. 

Hold the bag from the top of the bag. Put your pointer finger straight along the length of the bag. Spread the rest of the fingers on one side and thumb on the other side of the bag.  

Hold The Clutch Bag From The Side

If you have a small clutch bag, hold it from the side. It is a simple method of holding. Just place your fingers on one side and your thumb on the other. And try to keep it diagonally. 

Hold The Clutch Bag With Both The Hands

In this style, the whole clutch of the bag is on display. This way of holding is slightly similar to the style of holding from the bottom. 

Your hands will be in front of the clutch bag. 

Place your fingers underneath the bag. 

Put fingers inwards towards each other.

You can keep your hands fully down or slightly bent. 

Hold The Clutch Bag With No Hands

Sometimes, you may want to keep your hands free of any burden. So, some clutches provide this edge. You can easily hold them while keeping your hands free. 

Holding any bag in this style totally depends on the clutch bag’s style. There are some clutches with oh-so-convenient handles or wrist straps. So put on your wrist and keep your hands free. 

There is another way: keep your clutch under your armpit. This will do the job, even it is not a refined manner.

Types Of Clutch Bags

Clutch Bag Uses

There are several types of clutch bags, both for women and men. It is not an easy task to choose the right bag for a specific event or occasion. One has to consider many things to select the right bag, such as the following.

  • Trendy
  • Functional
  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Here are some of the best types of clutch bags. 

  1. Wristlet Purse
  2. Minaudiere Bag
  3. Envelope Clutch
  4. Box Clutch
  5. Kiss Lock Clutch


Clutch bags give a classy look. Every woman must have some of these clutch bags in her wardrobe. It will not only enhance her appearance but also keep all her accessories safe. 

Hope this article proved beneficial for you! 


What Is The difference Between A Clutch Bag And A Purse?

The clutch bag and purse are synonymous. Both refer to the bags that are small and used to carry personal items. 

Both these terms refer to the same handbag. However, due to the lingual differences, people use these terms interchangeably. In North American English, “purse” refers to a handbag that is small and used to carry personal objects. The term “handbag” is used in Europe and the United Kingdom but has the same concept as the purse. 

What is considered a clutch purse?

A small bag that is flat and without straps is considered a clutch bag. 

What is the difference between a clutch bag and a purse?

There is no clear difference between a clutch bag and a purse. However, purses are considered slightly larger with straps, while clutch bags are made only for handy purposes. 

What is the difference between a tote bag and a clutch bag?

A tote bag is a shoulder bag that is larger in size and has the look of a book bag. At the same time, the clutch bag is a small envelope-shaped bag that can be held in hand or under the armpit. 

What size is a clutch purse?

As these bags are small sized. There is a wide range of clutch purse sizes. But mostly, they come with a width = 18 cm, height = 14 cm, and depth = 5 cm.

Is a fanny pack a clutch bag?

No, these are not exactly the same bags. Fanny bags are also considered waist bags or belt bags, while clutch bags are for hand or underarm bags.

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