How to Wash a JanSport Backpack: Easy Steps

How to Wash a Jansport Backpack_ Easy Steps

JanSport bags are the best companions for students, hikers, sportsmen, and travelers. These are included in the most expensive bags and have a warranty. Due to their excessive use, they can get dirt, stains, and odors over time. That will decrease their durability and affect their appearance. 

The solution is washing these bags. But during washing, most people degrade the color, shape and finish of their bags. This happens because they don’t know the appropriate washing methods.

So here are the correct methods to wash the JanSport bags.

Things Required During Washing

Collect the following things before you start cleaning. 

  • Cleaning cloth that can be a nano towel or microfiber cloth
  • Soft fabric cleaning brush that can be a laundress stain brush or deep clean brush set
  • Spot or stain remover 
  • Soft detergent or Leather cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner

Process Of Cleaning

Things Required During Washing

Here are two methods of cleaning the bag. One is hand washing, and the other is machine washing. Firstly, we will cover the hand washing method. 

Hand Washing

This method can be used to clean all types of JanSport bags, including bags with leather or suede bottoms.

  1. Unloading The Bag 

Remove all the items from the bag. Check all the compartments and pockets to see if anything is in the bag. Even turn your bag upside down and shake it to remove all the small particles from the bag. 

Try to use a vacuum cleaner to make sure no garbage or grass pieces are left in the bag. 

  1.  Removing All The Extensions.

In this step, detach all the detachable things from the bag. These include any frame on the bag or straps. You can cut extended or loose fibers or threads from the bag. Moreover, all the zippers must be open. 

  1. Checking The Bag Care Labels. 

It is recommended to check the care labels of the bag before washing them. There are some chemicals that are specifically forbidden to use. They can damage the material and colors of the bag.

Sometimes, along with a specific cleaning method, they suggest certain chemicals for washing. They can perform better and will not damage the bag. 

  1. Pretreating The Stains

If you have enough time, you can pretreat the stains. Firstly, specify the spots of stains. Then, make that area wet. Use baking soda and paste it on the stains. It will soften the stains, and they will be easy to wash. 

But avoid using stain remover that has bleach. 

  1. Soaking In The Water Sink Or Tub
Soaking In The Water Sink Or Tub

Submerge the bag in the water tub or sink. Make sure all the parts are wet. For some bags, care labels suggest to avoid sinking in the tub. Then, you can wet your bag with a soaking cloth. 

It is strongly recommended to avoid using hot water. This can degenerate the colors of your bag. 

  1. Mixture Of Water And Gentle Detergent.

Now, mix a soft detergent with water in small quantities. That detergent must be free from bleach, dyes, fragrances, and chemicals. The mild detergent will not damage the fabric of your bag. 

  1. Rubbing With A Brush.

Here, you have two options. If you want to clean your whole bag, submerge it in the mixture; otherwise, sink the spotted areas. Use the soft brush to scrub the bag thoroughly or specific regions. 

You can use a sponge or a soft, damp cloth to wipe the stains if you are afraid of any damage. Make sure all the stains are removed from the bag. And your bag is thoroughly cleaned.

  1. Rinsing The Bag.

Wring the bag with enough force to remove all the detergent remnants and water from the bag. You can remove water with a towel. Simply put the bag in the towel and roll it firmly. It will absorb the water from the bag. 

The detergents or soap remnants can degrade the colors of the bag. That’s why it is suggested to use even lukewarm water to remove the detergent residue from the bag.

  1. Dry The Bag 

Hang the bag in the airy environment. Avoid sunlight and drying machines to dry your bags. Let the bag dry naturally. Your bag must be completely dry before you use it again. 

Machine Washing

While using the washer, you have to be a little more careful. 

  1. Removing All The Items From The Bag.

As described earlier, simply unload the bag and make sure your bag is empty. Moreover, use a vacuum cleaner that can suck the small particles from the bag bottoms. 

  1. Detaching Extensions

It is more crucial here to remove the extended parts. These parts can get stuck in the machine. So, make sure all the detachable parts are detached from the bag. All the zippers are open, and all the straps and pockets are inside the bag.

Try to cut the threads or fabrics from the bag. 

  1. Care Label

In machine washing, it is more important to read the care label. There can be instructions about the machine setting and detergent specific to that bag.

  1. Pretreating The Stains

You can also pretreat the stains during machine washing. Use baking soda with a brush to paste it or rub it on the hard spots. These are actually used to soften them.

  1. The Machine In A Specific Setting.

Machine washing must be the last option for cleaning the JanSport bags. These bags are very expensive. Therefore, when washing with a machine, keep the machine in a specific setting. 

  • Temperature must be about 20 degrees centigrade
  • The machine must be at a gentle cycle
  • Use a mesh bag or pillow cover to place the bag inside it
  • Avoid using a harsh detergent 
  • Use a small quantity of gentle detergent 
  1. Rinsing The Bag Thoroughly. 

When you are done with the machine washing, rinse the bag. Make sure no detergent residue is present on the bag. These residues can bleed the colors of the bag. 

  1. Hanging The Bag To Dry Up.

Hanging in the open air to dry the bag is an appropriate option. Sunlight can degrade the colors of the bag, especially the leather bags. 

A dryer machine is also not recommended. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wash My Backpack In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can wash the backpack using a washing machine. But with a specific machine setting. 

How Do You Clean A Yellow JanSport Backpack?

Yellow JanSport backpacks are more exposed to stains and dirt. For maintaining their color and appearance, hand washing is recommended. 

How Long Should A JanSport Backpack Last?

JanSport bags are very expensive and durable bags. They can last a lifetime if properly maintained. 

What Material Is The JanSport Backpack Made Of?

The JanSport backpacks are made of polyester, nylon, and fabric; some bags come with leather and suede material. 

How Do You Wash A JanSport Backpack In The Washer?

In the washer, use cool water and mild detergent with no bleach elements.

How To Hand Wash A JanSport Backpack?

Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the spots from the bag.


Cleaning the JanSport bags is quite simple, as described in the steps above. Maintain a proper cleaning routine for your JanSport bag. It will maintain the appearance and durability of your bag. Hand cleaning is suitable for washing target spots. But if your whole bag is dirty, you can wash it through a machine. I hope this step-by-step guide will be helpful for you and your JanSport bag will give a brand new look after this cleaning. If you have Lululemon bags or North Face backpacks, here, you will also find a proper guide for their cleaning also. 

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