How to Wear a Sling Bag [New Styles]

how to wear a sling bag

If you search for the latest trends of 2024, you will definitely find sling bags there. It makes you look cool and stylish even in every dress and in every place.

It actually comes under the category of crossbody purses such as Lululemon bags, backpacks, hip packs, and totes.

The term “sling” means “across the body design,” and the sling bags are kept tighter than other casual crossbody bags.

These bags are not only the style or trend of the time but can accessorize you with many devices such as your cell phone, earphones, wallet, etc1.  

Best Styles To Wear The Sling Bags

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As sling bags are in new trend, many of the buyers of these bags do not know how to wear sling bags. They wear in such a way that instead of looking handsome, they ruin the vibe of sling bags.

Yes, you can simply wear the bag by just adjusting the straps according to your body and convenience.

But there are certain styles which give a better look. And you will find some of the most trending and new styles of wearing sling bags.

Style of wearing over the back

The most conventional and traditional way of wearing a sling bag is over the back. The strap of the bag moves across one shoulder, and the pouch remains in the middle of the back. 

Keep the strap a little tight so the pouch remains at the back.

This style is mostly used when riding or running. This fulfills the need for backpacks.

It is the most convenient way of wearing bags as your hands are free to move to do anything you want. At the same time, the whole weight is distributed over the back, so you can comfortably carry it anywhere.

Style of wearing across the front

If you want to access everything easily, wear your bag across the front of your body. Accessories will be in front of your eyes and will remain safe even from theft or snatching. 

Simply just put the strap of your bag across one shoulder to the hip of the other side and the pouch of the bag at the center of the chest. 

It is considered the most popular style nowadays in the younger generation. So if you choose this style, it is trendy, secure, and gives easy access to your cell phone, etc.


Wearing sling bags on the front side is well-liked and it also makes everything accessible. Adjust the strap and wear the sling bags across the chest. It looks nice and protects your gadgets from snatchers.

Style of wearing on one shoulder

When you are in a hurry, the fastest way to wear a sling bag is to wear it on one shoulder. Yes it keeps your bag loose, but picking up and down is very convenient.

Adjust the length of the strap according to your ease of body. No need to buckle in this style.

Select the shoulder that is opposite to your dominant hand. It will not cause obstructions during your activities.

It is just like the traditional shoulder bag. This style is perfect for the students to wear the sling bags.

Style of wearing around the waist

Keep your sling bag at the lower position of your body by strapping it across the hip. In this way, you can turn your bag into a hip pack. Even in this style, you can choose different positions for keeping your purse. 

When in a rushy area, you can keep it in the front of your waist. It keeps your bag safe from theft or unzipping it. 

At the same time, your items are easily accessible. When you want flexibility, keep it on the side of your waist. Also, you can keep it on the back of your waist and continue all your activities2.

When to wear the sling bags

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Due to their versatility, compatibility, comfort, and practicality, these bags are worn in every place, from a gym or picnic to formal parties and events.

Sling bags are the perfect option for carrying things when going on a picnic to going to the formal office. Some of the best times to wear sling bags are the following;

  • When you want to travel, you definitely need various things for daily use. So, the sling bags will be the best option for keeping these things with you. At the same time, you are not burdened up, as the weight of the sling bag is distributed over the body.
  • When you want to be stylish and cool and carry your items at the same time, sling bags will be the most appropriate option. Rather, it adds a stylish vibe to your personality. This is when you want to go to parties or the office.
  • Athletes are wearing these bags more than anyone else due to their small size. They like it most because it can carry many things but doesn’t cause any disturbance. 


Sling bags are wearable for every outdoor or casual activity. They can perfectly blend with any outfit. The versatile design and small size allow the athletes to carry the sling bags without any hassle.

Types of Sling Bags 

There comes a large variety of bags in the market. Which bag will suit you best is a difficult question. But if you know the type of bag and their functions, then it can help you a lot.

You can easily decide which sling bag to wear at a certain event or place. Therefore, let’s describe some of the most trending types of sling bags.

  • Travel sling bag
  • Shoulder sling bag
  • Sports sling purse
  • Leather messenger sling purses

Match your sling bag with your outfit

Consider the following tips for matching your sling bag with your outfit;

  • Always wear matching colors of your outfits with sling bags
  • You can wear sneakers and a sling bag of the same color
  • Another way is to pair up the sling bag’s design or color with jewelry


Sling bags will provide you with the best applications when they are worn properly. So you don’t only have to wear it but in the correct manner. And if you follow the above-mentioned ways, you will not only look stylish and cool but also accessorize your sling bag easily. One tip while choosing a sling bag is to see your body style and your outfits. Then select the most suitable one.

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