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The primary function of a backpack is to carry the accessories, including books, laptops, wallets, makeup kits, keys, headphones, water bottles, etc. But imagine if it is too heavy, that instead of help, it becomes a burden. Maybe its color fades and gives it an old appearance. Or it couldn’t withstand the rainy season. 

All these problems are caused when you don’t buy the right bag. So, what is the right bag?

The right backpack varies for every person. Everyone has his/her own needs and desires for which he/she is buying the bag. But here are some general features that everyone should consider when purchasing a bag. 

  • Backpack should be lightweight
  • It should be water-resistant
  • Must be durable

All these features depend on the backpack’s material. Therefore, here is a comprehensive guide about the material of a backpack. 

Most Suitable Backpack Materials

Backpack material suppliers provide a variety of materials that have different characteristics. Bags consist of pouches, straps, and zippers. Firstly, we will discuss the materials of pouches. 



Most backpacks are made of nylon. It is a synthetic polymer that replaced silk for making different products in textile industries. 

The textile industry was revolutionized after the discovery of nylon. It has tough and flexible fibers, which make it useful for making long-lasting bags. Moreover, nylon gives a sleek and shiny look.

As it is lightweight, water resistant, and durable, most people prefer to buy bags of nylon. Even popular student book bags are made up of nylon. 

The nylon is a polymer which makes many more fibers. 

  • Denier
  • Ripstop Nylon
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Recycled Nylon
  • Cordura
  • X-Pac



The most commonly used fabric after nylon is Polyester. Although it is water resistant, durable, and lightweight, it is less expensive than nylon. Usually, polyester fibers are blended with cotton to make them stronger and wrinkle-resistant. 

Moreover, it doesn’t fade colors when kept in UV Rays and washed again and again. Further categories of Polyester are as follows.

  • Recycled Polyester
  • Polycotton



Cotton canvas is a plain woven fabric. It is used not only to make bags but also for apparel. Along with its environmental benefits, there are many other advantages of cotton canvas, as given below. 

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible Functionality
  • Long Lasting
  • Elegant Appearance
  • Durable Material

The cotton canvas was first used in the 1870s to make bags in France. Later it was commonly used in America for making several products along with bags.

Further, there is organic canvas, which is a completely natural product that is free of chemicals.

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Fabric

PVC ( Polyvinyl chloride) Fabric

There are many workwear products and bags made of PVC fabric. It is actually water-resistant, flame-retardant, tear-resistant, and fluorescent. 

Furthermore, it is colorful, people who want to buy colorful bags will prefer the PVC fabric.



Leather is considered the most durable material for backpacks. These are made up of flexible, densest, toughest, and water-resistant fibers called grains. There are many types of leather bags, some of them are given below.

  • Classic Leather Backpacks
  • Vintage Leather Backpacks
  • Fashionable Leather Backpacks
  • Leather Backpacks with Laptop Compartments
  • Leather Backpacks with Multiple Compartments

Leather backpacks are expensive bags, but due to their style and sophistication, they are mostly purchased.



Denim is a stylish and trending material. Denim bags are versatile in their functions and styles. It is considered the strongest cloth material used for making products such as outfits, footwear, and backpacks. 

Denim fabric was made from silk and wool. Later, cotton was also used to improve its quality. This material was mainly used to make jeans, but later, it was used to create several other products that include bags. 



Mesh is a porous material that is made of different materials. These are mesh nettings that are constructed from strands, yarns, or non-woven synthetic material. 

There are several uses of mesh bags. Mainly in laundry, where we have to wash delicate fibrous items or items with extensions. These bags will protect them from harsh conditions. 



Rattan bags are made from the skins of rattan palm stems. Firstly, the skin is soaked in water to make it soft enough to weave. These are unique and quite fashionable.

These are very lightweight and durable. These bags are made in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Usually, it is used to carry wallets, keys, and phones.



Neoprene bags are made up of polychloroprene. This is just like rubber, which is a durable, elastic, and versatile material. 

It is an amazing material that can withstand extreme temperatures, even from -40 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius. 

The neoprene backpacks are water resistant, insulator, and elastic. 



Sequin or sequence fabric is covered with plastic or metal-shaped pieces. There are several types of sequins that are used in several items, especially for embroidery purposes in clothes and bags. 

Sequin bags have shiny beads on the cotton fabric, which makes them shiny and attractive. These are used mainly by women with specific dresses. 

Plastic/TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)


These polyurethane plastics are known for their resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion. It is used in several places such as automotive, wires, sports, and backpacks

The TPU bags have a decent look due to their smooth lining but they are very expensive to buy.

Material of Straps 

Straps of bags are also made up of a variety of materials, such as the following. 

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Steel straps

Materials of Zippers

Materials of Zippers

There are mainly three types of materials which are used to make zippers. 

  1. Resin zippers
  2. Nylon zippers
  3. Metal zippers that include Antique brass, Antique Nickel, Brass, and Nickel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a School Bag Made of?

Mostly cotton canvas, nylon, and PVC make school bags. 

What are the Best Backpacks Made of?

There are many materials that are used to make a backpack, but nylon or Polyester are the best options.

What are Backpack Straps Made of?

The straps of the backpack are made of nylon, Polyester, and many other fabrics. 

What are Plastic Bags Made of?

The plastic bags are made up of high density and low density polyethylene.


There are several backpack materials in the market. But you must select the one which fulfills your needs. After reading the above blog post, you can easily differentiate between several materials when making the bags. Moreover, you will be able to select the best backpack material for your use.

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