How to Wear a Messenger Bag: Effortless Style Guide

How to Wear a Messenger Bag

Many people have messenger bags and are searching for the right way of wearing them. People have a very professional look due to the slim and smart shape of the original messenger bag.

The minimalistic style and versatility of the bag depend both on its design and the wearing styles. Although wearing a messenger bag is quite easy, many people don’t know the proper way to wear a messenger bag. As there are different wearing styles for different outfits and during different situations.

Even this elegant bag looks awkward due to the wrong way of wearing it. So here is the comprehensive guide related to the ways of wearing styles of the bag.

Wearing A Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are actually made for wearing at the side of the body with a large strap. The length of the strap is designed to wear this bag crossbody. However, there are many other alternative styles for wearing these magnificent bags. 

Wearing Crossbody 

This is the most trending way to wear a messenger bag. For wearing in this style, move the strap across your body diagonally. The bag should rest on the opposite side of the shoulder. The bag must be at the torso level. In this way, the messenger bag will not only give an attractive look but also distribute the weight over the body.

Wearing Over The Shoulder

Wearing Over The Shoulder

Another way to wear your messenger bag is over one shoulder. But make sure to have a lighter load. When carrying weight over one shoulder, it will cause strain on your back and neck. 

Moreover, it is a casual way of wearing a messenger bag. Why is it so? Because of its easy or simple procedure. You just have to put the strap over your shoulder. And then balance the weight. Some females keep the bag under their armpit by shortening the strap length.

Carrying By The Handles

Many people carry messenger bags by their handles when they walk towards their office. They remove the straps or belts from the bag.

Wearing On The Back

It is not a traditional way to wear the bag. But people wear messenger bags on their backs when they are riding a cycle or bike. This style is more like wearing the bag across the crossbody. But the main difference is that the bag lies on the back.

You just have to move the strap crossing the body and the bag rests on the torso. But make sure that the flap faces the back. It will secure your bag.

Wearing On The Front 

This is quite a simple way to wear the messenger bag. Just move the strap across your body and keep the bag in front of your body. 

How To Fit A Messenger Bag On The Body?

How To Fit A Messenger Bag On The Body

When you are wearing the messenger bag in any style, it should be properly fit on your body. It should not be so loose or so tight. You have to adjust the length of the strap according to your body’s shape and height. 

Adjusting The Strap Length

Messenger bags are made to be worn on the shoulder either over right or left. Firstly confirm on which side, it will lie comfortably. So try on both your shoulders and also try different strap lengths. Then consider the shoulder side and strap length suitable for your body.

Balancing The Load

When you have adjusted the strap length, then balance the load. You can place the bag on the side, back, and front. Again the best method to know the most appropriate position is to try different places. Then see, in which place, it was weighing least. 

In this way, you can easily fit the messenger bag on your body.

Messenger Bag For Men And Women

The messenger bag is a very practical accessory for both the male and female. These guys can wear messenger bags in a variety of styles. 

For Guys

The preferred style of a messenger bag for a man is a crossbody. The bag will rest on the opposite side of the shoulder on which the strap lies. But the strap is a little lengthy in the male case. 

For Females

The traditional style for females is to wear over one shoulder. The strap and bag lie both on the same shoulder. Women prefer small strap lengths and keep their messenger bags near their bodies or sometimes under their armpits.

Messenger Bag On Bike

Messenger Bag On Bike

Wearing a messenger bag is not a big issue even on the bike. But you should know the correct way of wearing it while cycling. Here are some tips to wear it effectively.

  • Select the right size of the bag. Its strap should be adjustable. 
  • Adjust the strap on your body in a way that prevents the bouncing.
  • Place the bag in the back position to maintain balance. 
  • If there are stabilizing straps, use them while riding or carrying heavier items.   

How To Wear A Messenger Bag Like A Backpack?

You can wear a messenger bag like a backpack by converting it into a backpack. And by using its straps, you can easily convert it into a backpack. 

Move the strap from both the lower and top handles. Now, just reconnect the strap with the hook. And it is prepared for wearing as a backpack. 


Messenger bags come in a wide variety of sizes, such as small messenger purses, chrome messenger bags, Gucci messenger bags, and peak-design messenger bags. Every bag has a specific wearing style, depending on the design and size of the bag. However, when you are wearing the messenger bag, start by adjusting the strap. Then, place it in the most comfortable position.

So use our guidelines and customize the bag to fit your needs and make it part of your comfortable lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is A Messenger Bag Worn?

Messenger bags are worn in different ways. You can wear it in crossbody style, over the shoulder, in the front, and on the back. 

How Can I Make My Messenger Bag More Comfortable?

You can make your messenger bag more comfortable by using the following tips. 

  • Using a padded strap.
  • Adjusting the strap to rest your bag on your hip.
  • Balance the weight of the bag on your body.

How Do You Wear A Messenger Bag Without Hurting Your Back?

You can wear a messenger bag without hurting your back by following ways.

  • Wear the bag diagonally. The bag should rest on the opposite side of the shoulder
  • You should change your shoulders for straps. This will avoid the burden on one shoulder and prevent any strain. 
  • Moreover, padded straps are used for messenger bags. 

What’s The Point Of A Messenger Bag?

Messenger bags are mainly used for offices as they maintain both the safety of items and the style.

How Do You Wear A Chrome Messenger Bag?

You can wear a chrome messenger bag by crossing the strap from the front of the chest. The chrome messenger bags are mostly worn in crossbody style. 

How To Wear A Gucci Messenger Bag?

Most people wear a Gucci messenger bag in crossbody style. These come in long straps and small pouches. So, using the strap, a Gucci messenger bag can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. 

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